Saturday, August 18, 2012

Inch by Inch and Row by Row

When creative women around the globe apply their knitting, crocheting, sewing and needle felting skills to a challenge, you get delightful surprises! Follow along to enjoy a veritable garden, menagerie and patisserie of TMCs (tape measure covers) by 18 talented gals on in the Good Things Together group.

For several days when I was thinking about writing this blog, certain lyrics began running in my head. I knew these particular lines must have been important to this story because they were so persistent. I went around the day humming or singing the opening lines of the Garden Song:*

Inch by inch, row by row
Gonna make this garden grow…

After googling, I found more of the lyrics and ultimately why this song was meaningful to our event. Here are of the lyrics as they continue:

All it takes is a rake and hoe
And a piece of fertile ground.

Inch by inch, row by row
Please bless these seeds I sow…*

Then I got it! This encapsulates what happened in our event! Instead of tilling the ground and growing seeds, we made our fiber creations grow. Instead of rakes and hoes, we did it inch-by-inch and row-by-row using our crochet hooks, knitting needles, sewing needles, roving and thread. And our gardens grew… as well as our menageries, patisseries and other unique TMC creations, too.

Now, after about six weeks, our garden is fully matured so come and celebrate our harvest by enjoying our beautiful, fun and interesting TMCs, which you can view “inch by inch and row by row” as you scan below. 

Our TMC Garden:


 “Simple Flower” by Sandramaria
–crocheted (pull leaf for tape measure) 
“Hot Pink Flower w/ Variegated Leaves” 
by JanetMB

“Orange Popcorn Flower w/ Green Tendrils” by JanetMB

“Sparkly-centered Rose” by JanetMB
–crocheted, button center
(pull leaf for tape measure)

“Wild Rose with 
Variegated Leaves” by JanetMB

“Felted Flowers” by auchgan
–crocheted with needle-felted flowers pressed into cookie cutters  CLICK HERE for a youtube tutorial on the how-to.

“Needle-felted Flowers” 
by maryootsy
–needle-felted, button bee

“A Bouquet for You” 
by KnitaStitch
–crocheted using embroidery thread, buttons, beads and ribbon

“Rosettes” by delights

“Yellow Rose of Texas” by delights
–crocheted using plarn (strips cut from plastic bags to use in place of yarn)

“Plarn Flowers” 
by RecycleCindy and delights
–crocheted using plarn (strips cut from plastic bags to use in place of  yarn)

“Daffodil” by RecycleCindy and delights

–crocheted using plarn (strips cut from plastic bags to use in place of yarn)

“Flower Power” by Sophietd
–crocheted with a cluster of flower buttons

Above: These are the tape measure covers that inspired our group to host a tape measure cover happening. These are by JuleeQue. You can access her blog and free pattern. CLICK HERE

Our TMC Menagerie:

“Elephant” by Sophietd
–crocheted with applique feature
“Pink Pig” by Bailey121208
–crocheted, wiggle eyes

“Luv U Sheep” by Bailey121208
–crocheted, wiggle eyes

“Flappy Flounder” by spotdogabby
–knitted with pom pom eyes

“Flounder” by 2MayBoys
–knitted, pom pom eyes

“Sock Monkey TapeSter” 
by ChickWithSticks
If you are a member of, you can access this $4 Sock Monkey TapeSter pattern: CLICK HERE

“Sock Monkey” by auchgan

–crocheted (pull left ear for tape)

“Whale of a Tail” by Sueazhari
–crocheted (pull tail for tape measure)

Some of our participants created animal TMCs prior to our group event. Here are personal menageries by 2MayBoys (first group photo) and joyfrog (second group photo)

Our TMC Patisserie:


“Strawberry Pie” by JustJune

“Tiered Cake” by 2MayBoys

“Cherry Pie” by girliecurls
CLICK HERE for $2 pattern for members

“Cherry Pie” by Bailey121208

“Oreo Cookie” by Bailey121208

“Chocolate Chip Cookie” by Bailey121280

“Cupcake” by Bailey121208
–crocheted with applique. Pull cherry for tape measure.

“Sushi” by 2MayBoys 

Our Uniquely Individual TMCs:


“Quaint Cottage”
by Sophietd
The cottage TMC is pattern available as a PDF (not free)
To access the pattern: CLICK HERE

“Fancy Blue Hat”
by JustJune

“Beaded Boo Boo”
by Spinayarn

“Multi-colored TMC” by Bailey121208

“Olympics 1” by joyfrog
–crocheted during the Olympics
“Olympics 2”
 by joyfrog

“Cherries on Top” by delights
–fabric covered, hand sewn. For access to a blog and free pdf download CLICK HERE

Most of the TMCs were knitted or crocheted but there were some unique uses of materials and interesting approaches that are specifically noted here. Needle-felting: auchgan and maryootsy, needled-felted their flower TMCs. Plarn: RecycleCindy and delights worked together to create plarn TMC’s. Plarn is the name given to long, continuous strips cut from bags (like grocery bags) to make plastic yarn. Fabric: Sophietd duplicated a fabric cottage TMC that she saw and liked. delights also covered a cherry-themed tape measure with fabric. Stones: Spinayarn creativiely covered up a mistake with a unique top of gem stones.

Overview: Eighteen members of the Good Things Together group contributed 35 TMCs during the six week event. Thanks to all for their participation, creativity and generous sharing of ideas and links.
*The Garden Song is by David Mallett in 1975. It was performed/recorded by various artists including John Denver, Arlo Guthrie, Pete Seeger and Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary. It was also recorded and made popular by The Muppets in 1995.


  1. Unfortunately the pie pattern is NOT free...

    1. Oops! Thanks for correcting me on this. I have changed the info on this pattern to reflect the $2 cost.

  2. What a fun group of tape measures! Thanks for hosting.


  3. It was so much fun! I enjoyed both making and viewing all the wonderful creations.

    Thanks for hosting it!

    1. An Aussie WOW ....Delights, you deserve 3 cheers for doing such an awesome job :)

  4. Oh what a wonderful gallery!! Such a variety of models, colors, styles... can't say which one is the best, they are all beautiful :-))

  5. What a fabulous parade of TMCs! I love all the creativity and colors. The critters are especially cute. I just loved working with you Delights on our plarn collaborations.

  6. Just found this blog. Love it! Thanks for sharing.