Saturday, July 17, 2010

Crochet Potholder Swap I

esterday's mail brought four potholders from four different members of Ravelry's "Crochet Potholder Swap" group. This swap (a more recently formed group by our moderator, Tia) is the first for the group. The swaps are scheduled on a quarterly basis; the next one will take place in October. Here's an abbreviation on how the swap works:

  • Each member sends in four crocheted, 100 percent cotton potholders to the moderator, making sure to include a SASE packet in order to receive four potholders in return.
  • Tia collects and keeps the received potholders over a period of days/weeks leading up to the deadline.
  • When she is sure that all members (who wish to participate) have sent in their potholders, then Tia regroups the potholders by selecting four different ones for each participant and sends them using the provided SASE packets. (A major organizational achievement which likely requires help from family/friends with armloads of packets for a trip to the post office!)

Here is a photo of the four potholders I received in exchange for the four potholders I sent.

1. Square Red Potholder (left): Made by Laura Patzkowsky whose ravelry name is Gizzi99. This is done in the Tunisian stitch and is all rosy red on one side but in an ombre of red/white on the other side. Though the type is not indicated, the yarn is heavier like Peaches 'n Cream or Sugar 'n Cream. The potholder measures 10 inches across. The size and density are especially good for hot casseroles and large pans to rest on to protect tables or counter tops.

2. Hexagon How-to Pattern (lower center): Made by Christina Simon, aka "bradenbugsmom." This potholder, made of Peaches 'n Cream cotton, measures 9 inches. It is made of eight smaller hexagons and when assembled, also makes a larger hexagon shape. The colors are white with an ombre in purples, blues and teal. Very crisp look and attractive colors.

3. Maggie's Kitchen pattern potholder (upper center): Kimberly Roberts, known on ravelry as BahamaDawn made this potholder of Lily's 100 percent cotton Sugar 'n Cream yarn in robin's egg blue, sunshine, hot orange and hot green. In this photo you do not see the hot green, it is on the reverse side with all of the other colors mentioned. This potholder measures 9 inches. In a way, this potholder reflects Kimberly's selected ravelry name because it looks like it could be a Bahama dawn...or sunset!

4. Potholder #3204 (right): Josie Miller crocheted this one and labeled it #3204 so that is how I am labeling it, too. Josie's ravelry name is josiehunt. She also has a classy website you may want to visit: Using the color combination of white, lavender, olive green and aqua, this roundish potholder features two distinctly different sides. Josie incorporated a very interesting stitch using the aqua and olive green on the side shown here. You would have to see it up close to appreciate its uniqueness. Her label indicates that the yarn is called Bingo. It is similar in appearance and density to Omega Sinfonia, but has a softer feel.

Thanks to all four of these swap members from around the country who took the time to create these potholders. Thanks also to Tia and the rest of the participants for making our first swap a successful one.

As for me, here are the potholders that I sent to our moderator for the swap.

Of the four I sent, three are "Jewel Heptagon Potholders." *** [See note below.] These potholders are crocheted using Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Cotton" in both solids and an ombre (variagated) colors. They are double sided with both the fronts and backs the same.

One of the nice things about this swap is that the four potholders we send do not have to be of the same pattern so I included a fourth potholder that was different.

This one (to the right) is called "Purple and Tangerine Potholder." Each side is different. The front side (more flower-like) was made up of traditional stitches as I went along. The back side (spiral) is like the "Stir Me Up" pattern, though I didn't follow the pattern other than the visual gist of it. For this potholder I used J&P Coats Royale Fashion Crochet Thread #3 and a size F hook. The size 3 crochet thread is thinner and finer than most cotton yarns but it is still well-insulated to use when handling hot pans and dishes. Two qualities I like about finer threads and yarns include: the ability to create more intricate patterns and the softness of the completed pieces.

*** See other posts on this blog site for the free pattern and a pictorial and step-by-step how-to.

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  1. Wow! I can't believe there is a potholder swap on Ravelry that I'm not participating in. These are really beautiful.