Monday, June 7, 2010


to my blog and my introductory posting!

I am excited to start blogging and sharing projects and patterns with ravelry members, in particular, and other handcrafters, in general.

By way of introduction, my ravelry name is "delights." My intention in choosing this name was to make pleasingly delightful projects. Often I feel delighted in the creative process and sometimes I even create (sew or crochet) yummy delights, like faux cupcakes and cookies.

On ravelry, members often choose graphic representations to reflect themselves or their special interests. Members may select avatars like animals, graphic objects, cartoons or photos of their children or grandchildren. Other members use disguised photos of themselves in lieu of their real identities. Above is my disguised photo wearing a peacock mask. Actually, I am not wearing this mask. The photo was taken in 2008 at a gathering of high school friends in my hometown while I was there visiting. I photoshopped and superimposed the peacock mask on my face to create this disguise.

Now down to business. I am writing up my first ravelry pattern, Jewel Heptagonal Potholder, to share.


  1. I was at the Knotty Girls & Brad knitting group gathering last night and I want to assure you that Deb did not exaggerate Joyce's pleasure over your beautiful creation. I've never seen the like and was VERY impressed with your imagination and skill. Everyone passed it around the room & It was thoroughly admired!!
    cathy moore

  2. Claudia, love the way you explain it so well. Great pictures and I love pictures to help me out. I am going to make one of these jewel potholders for a gift for a friend. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs from PA