Sunday, April 29, 2012

Chap Stick Holders

Not long ago, one of my ravelry friends (braydendbugsmom a.k.a. Christina) sent me a package filled with crafting goodies. Among the goodies was a package of fruit buttons. I was inspired by these little buttons to make some chap stick holders. Actually, Christina was the one who originally shared the chap stick holder idea with me via another ravelry member. 

Here's what I made.

At the time that I crocheted these little chap stick holders (known to some of you as lip balm holders), I was participating in April's group challenge on ravelry in the From Trash to Treasures group, the subject of which was to create something reminiscent of spring. These fruity holders fit right in. Then because I was on a roll and we were still creating spring things, I made some flower chap stick holders, too. I'm sure I would not have come up with the idea if I had not been inspired by my participation in the group challenge.

Here are the flower chap stick holders.
I free-formed these holders so there is no pattern for the flowers. Patterns with the shank buttons (similar to the fruit button holders) are available, however. Unlike the button/loop closures, the flower holders close by using velcro under the center leaf. The following photo shows one open holder in which you can just barely make out the velcro at the top of the crocheted tube/stem. The reason that the closure is barely distinguishable is because I used matching green velcro to camouflage it. 

The fruit chap stick holders are available in one of my etsy shops: Click Here 
The flower chap stick holders are available in another of my etsy shops: Click Here for Flowers

(Each comes with a handcrafted pillow box for gift-giving.)

Anyway, I thought I would post these little items for those of you who might like to try your hand at making chap stick holders. Maybe my little fun experimentation crocheting these will inspire you.

P.S. Thanks, Christina for the buttons and for earlier sharing the link to the chap stick holder how-to pattern. This was fun. 


  1. SOOOOOooooooooooooooooOOOo super cute!! Yes, inspiring...very much so!

  2. I did not see anything for chapstick holders on your etsy site

    1. Hi MelyB25,
      I just went to one of my three etsy shops and here are the flower chapsticks in my fabriq shop:

      Maybe you didn't see them right off because this listing is on the second page of items.

    2. MelyB25,
      Here is the link to the fruit chapstick holders on another of my shops, 2Good2Eat. This one had expired and so I renewed it.

      Thanks for your comment.